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Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the Diploma in Child Health / International Postgraduate Paediatric Certificate website.

2017 is the 26th year of this one year, part-time program which is from paediatric experts at the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network.

Our Participants, Tutors and Alumni report that it gives great impetus to their paediatric knowledge and skills, enhancing confidence in caring for children, young people and their families. You will see some of their photographs and comments in our 8 page DCH / IPPC Quarterly under “About Us” on this website.

Our vision is “Healthier Children Globally”. We aim to provide this program to all health professionals who seek it, wherever they are working, so that the benefits of their learning result in improved health outcomes for children all over the world. Please feel free to tell your colleagues about this opportunity.

We are always pleased to receive new enrolments at any time throughout the year and will be allocated an exam stream appropriate to your location and time of enrolment. Following enrolment you have free access for 30 days.

For historical and important reasons the program title varies in different locations and for different cohorts:
        • Diploma in Child Health for Australian and New Zealand Participants (for Doctors)
        • Diploma in Child Health (Sydney) for Hong Kong Participants
        • International Postgraduate Paediatric Certificate for doctors in other countries
        • International Postgraduate Paediatric Nurse Certificate for Nurses
        • International Postgraduate Paediatric Allied Health Certificate for Other Health Professionals

Our team are committed to meeting your needs and your feedback is always valued: please send to service@magga.org.au at any time. We look forward to hearing from you throughout the year.
2017 will see a number of enhancements for your learning. These include:
        • Changes in webcast format from 2017 with webcasts divided into segments, each followed by an embedded         question to be answered before moving on
        • Moderated online discussion forum
        • More opportunities for webinar based interaction
        • Continued re-recording of most content annually
        • Ability to increase or decrease the speed of presentations
        • Whole program search functionality

The DCH / IPPC offers ongoing free access to annually reviewed content to all of our Alumni to promote lifelong learning and ensure that you are best placed to provide the latest, evidence based care to all the children and young people with whom you interact.

We look forward to hearing from you throughout the year…..and as part of the DCH / IPPC Alumni.

Kind regards,

Adjunct Associate Professor Kathryn Currow
Discipline of Paediatrics and Child Health, University of Sydney
Executive Principal, DCH/IPPC, Senior CMO Emergency Department,
Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network,
Vice President, COMHAD



Kathryn Currow