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Below are a few comments received from graduates and Tutors who have benefited from our course.

“I just wanted to say how thankful I am for the experience of the DCH.  I have learned so much and greatly enjoyed the opportunity to learn in this unique setting.  I’m also very impressed with the global perspective of the course, something that is very dear to my heart after spending 6 months working in Zambia in 2012”.
Dr David Lean

Aspley, Qld

“I think your course is invaluable – it is always obvious which referrals come from practitioners with DCH.  JMOs who have completed the course comment about how much more confident they feel with paediatrics, whether in GP rooms or in ED”.
Dr Josephine Rainbow
Staff Specialist Paediatrician
Director of Prevocational Education and Training
Orange Health Service

“Thank you so much.  It was an excellent course and I will be highly recommending completing DCH to my colleagues”.
Dr Natasha Laurens, MSRPP
Esk Hospital, Qld

“Not only did I find the DCH program of high quality, useful and very relevant – particularly to my level of practice as a JMO – I very much enjoyed the course”.
Dr Jessica O’Connor

“… I found the course to be very well run and extremely useful”.

Dr Mary Passmore

“We can never thank you enough for the opportunity given to us by IPPC  / DCH to provide the most needed service to the most vulnerable of mankind”.
Dr Alhaji Alusine Jalloh
Freetown, Sierra Leone

“This programme has given me boldness to treat children and manage them with a holistic approach.  Thank you IPPC team for sharing the knowledge in a friendly way.  All caregivers need this course”.

Dr Edna Ngare-Gor
Nairobi, Kenya 

“This course is extremely useful to keep oneself updated with the current concepts in paediatrics. It is of practical use. The material can be applied directly in practice”.

“Indeed in was a great learning experience, with enjoyment. I would surely like to be involved with IPPC course”.
Dr Jayant Shah MD, DCH, IBCLC, IPPC
Nandurbar, India

“Believe you me that this whole course is so full of knowledge, it is very helpful and clinically oriented as well.  Thank you very much again”.
Dr Mohsin Hasan Siddiqui

“Thanks to DCH / IPPC lectures, our students have enhanced their knowledge and diagnosis skills.  That is a really fantastic mark of training collaboration between Australia and Vietnam.  We are grateful to have had the opportunity to share an enjoyable relationship with the University of Sydney/The Children’s Hospital at Westmead”.

Professor Nguyen Ngoc Sang, Head of Pediatric Department, Haiphong University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Vietnam

“As we all know hospital is the most busiest place but we all thought of furthering our knowledge and skills to help maintain a standard quality service to our clients to whom we serve and to be competent in what we are doing in caring for the sick.  We have previously been working and caring for the sick neonates and children and doing things our way and not accurately checking what we should be doing on our kids.  This course is an eye opener and warning bell to tell us not to miss all the systems of the body and how to properly diagnose and manage sick and critical sick neonates and children.  It is a turning point in our skills and management of the sick kids as nurses and doctors.  We are happy to continue further studies.  May you convey our sincere thanks to all the lecturers at the Westmead Hospital, not forgetting Dr Diana Steinberg for the exam preparation and results for all the marvellous and inspiring lectures which they have given us to help us to and complete this course”.
“The Diploma in Child Health course be incorporated into our Vanuatu Health Training Institution.  We, the graduands are ready to work together to help maintain a better health of our clients of Samna Province and Vanuatu as a whole from the knowledge and skills we have obtained”.

Helvison SIRO, IPPNC Graduate 2014, Santo, Vanuatu