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Our Team

A short overview of our current Team Members


  • Dr Annemarie Christie

    Dr Annemarie Christie

    Dr Annemarie Christie is the Director of Sydney Child Health Program (SCHP). Annemarie has previous association with SCHN and our program including FRACP training programs from 1995 to 2001. She has established a unique primary care paediatric service in northwest Sydney and has been involved in her local community presenting free Parenting and Child Health seminars and volunteered as a Community coach assisting young adults to develop personal leadership skills.

  • Dr Mary Isklander

    Dr Mary Iskander

    Dr Mary Iskander graduated through UNSW and is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. She completed the Master of Public Health through the University of Sydney.  Currently Dr Mary Iskander works as a community paediatrician serving children and their families in Western Sydney.  She has been part of the SCHP Paediatric Academic Team since 2012; her role includes newsletter writing, case report marking, examination delivery and administration.  Previously Mary worked in country NSW caring for families in Dubbo both in hospital and community settings.  

  • Dr Shalinder Samra

    Dr Shalinder Samra

    Dr Shalinder Samra is part of the SCHP Paediatric Academic Team providing input with Program content, Examination and Oral Assessment Task. Dr Samra is a General Paediatrician and Paediatric Emergency Specialist in Western Sydney. His interests include development and behavioural paediatrics as well as managing acute paediatric emergencies.

  • Dr Stephen George

    Dr Stephen George

    Dr Stephen George is a member of the SCHP Paediatric Academic Team and is involved in the examination and evaluation aspects of the program . Dr George also works at the Children’s Hospital, Westmead as a Hospitalist in Paediatric Emergency Medicine. His interests include Neonatology, innovative health management and Learning/Teaching methodologies.

  • Dr Narinder Kaur

    Dr Narinder Kaur

    Dr Narinder Kaur is a Specialist Paediatric Allergist and Immunologist. She has extensive paediatric experience and specialises in caring for infants, children and adolescents with food, drug and insect allergies, eczema of any severity, delayed food/gut allergies, recurrent fever syndromes and immunological conditions. She is part of the SCHP Paediatric Academic Team since 2018 and contributes to the program content and assessments.

  • Dr Preena Uppal

    Dr Preena Uppal

    Dr Preena Uppal is a member of the SCHP Paediatric Academic Team. Dr Uppal is a fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (FRACP) and works as a consultant paediatrician and a specialist paediatric neurologist in Sydney. She has been affiliated with the SCHN for ~10 years and been an associate lecturer (conjoint) with UNSW since 2013. She is an alumnus of the SCHP program (2011) and her interests include neurodevelopment, epilepsy and teaching. She also is an examiner for the RACP fellowship exams (FRACP) in Australia.

  • Dr Paula Mazzocato

    Dr Paula Mazzocato

    Dr Paula Mazzocato Dr Paula Mazzocato joins the SCHP Paediatric Academic Team in 2020. She works as a general practitioner in Sydney, and also in the Emergency Department at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead. She has broad experience caring for children and families with both acute and chronic conditions in variably-resourced settings. Her interests include travel-related illness in children, health advocacy and communication within health systems.

  • Rita Gudinho

    Rita Gudinho is the Business Operations Manager overseeing all operational activities of SCHP business across Australia and international and is a core part of the Senior Management Group providing advice and support with strategic development from an operational perspective. She develops standards and procedures for effective operations and reports all elements of the program’s service deliverables and looks after HR matters within the unit.

  • Tim Dennis

    Tim Dennis

    Tim Dennis is the Education Coordinator for SCHP responsible for overseeing program evaluations and the program accreditation in line with the RACGP and ACRRM. Tim works closely with the Webcast Officer to ensure Quality Assurance of all SCHP Webcasts and Webinars and manages complaints and reports on all aspects of program evaluations. He also works closely with the Paediatric Academic Team to assist with ongoing projects in enhancing participant learning and assessment as well as program content and examinations.

  • Kevin Brown

    Kevin Brown

    Kevin Brown is our Business, Systems and Projects Manager responsible for Projects, IT and Finance at SCHP. He manages all aspects of business processes, productivity and efficiency through the application of customer and business improvement principles including technical innovative solutions to deliver excellent customer experience to our participants throughout Australia and internationally.

  • Angela Ostojiic

    Ying Xu

    Ying Xu is the Assessment and Project Officer and has a key role in managing SCHP Assessment organisation, with a key focus on meeting the needs and communication of Examiners, Supervisors and key academic staff during the coordination of final examinations and oral assessment tasks nationally and internationally.

  • Radslav Ereg

    Radoslav Erceg

    Radoslav Erceg is the International Enrolments Officer and is part of the Operations Team responsible for international enrolments and program administration, with a focus on Participants and Tutors at our international sites; working closely to support the Service environment of the SCHP.

  • Roz Ladan

    Michelle Pham

    Michelle Pham is the Communications, Events and Marketing Officer responsible for marketing and communication strategies at SCHP. Michelle works closely with the Business Development Manager on strategic initiatives to expand SCHP’s reach and deliver greater impact on paediatric education across Australia and internationally.

  • Kylie Bewely

    Kylie Bewley

    Kylie Bewley is the Webcast, Assessment Support and Evaluation Officer and is part of the Operations Team responsible for maintenance of the SCHP timetable, updating and formatting Webcast content and liaison with our Webcast Presenters and key IT and AV providers, Case Report Management and Complaint / Compliment / Feedback recording and reporting to support the Service environment of the SCHP.

  • Anisha Rana

    Anisha Rana

    Anisha Rana is the Australian Enrolment Officer and is part of the Operations team responsible for Australian enrolments, payments and general administration working closely to support the service environment of the SCHP.