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Our Team

A short overview of our current Team Members

Tutors are experienced Paediatric Doctors (and where appropriate, Nurses), appointed after approval, in each international location to provide specific additional information of relevance to the health of children and young people in each region, building on content from Sydney experts. This includes cultural issues, genetic differences, child protection laws, immunization schedules, interpretation of presentations, available resources, infectious disease protocols and sharing work-based learning experiences. One Tutor is paid for one hour of face to face teaching at each site at their local hourly rate. There is a ratio of approximately one Tutor per 10 participants.

  • Kathryn Currow

    Adjunct Associate Professor
    Kathryn Currow

    Adjunct Associate Professor Kathryn Currow is the Executive Principal of the Diploma in Child Health / International Postgraduate Paediatric Certificate (DCH / IPPC). She spent her early career as a General Practitioner, before returning to The Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children to work in the Emergency Department. She has been directing the DCH / IPPC since 1997, developing it both as a national and international program to benefit doctors and nurses and their paediatric patients.

  • Dr Mary Isklander

    Dr Mary Iskander

    Dr Mary Iskander graduated through UNSW and is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. She completed the Master of Public Health through the University of Sydney.  Currently Dr Mary Iskander works as a community paediatrician serving children and their families in Western Sydney.  She is also a part of the DCH /IPPC Paediatric Academic Team since 2012; her role includes newsletter writing, case report marking, examination delivery and administration.  Previously Mary worked in country NSW caring for families in Dubbo both in hospital and community settings.  

  • Dr Phyllis Bogopa

    Dr Phyllis Bogopa

    Dr Phyllis Bogopa is a medical fellow who is part of the DCH / IPPC Paediatric Academic Team providing input into Program Curriculum, Assessments, and Newsletters. Dr Bogopa is a General Paediatrician in north-western Sydney and her interests include incontinence (urinary and faecal), infant feeding/growth and developmental and behavioural paediatrics.




  • Dr Shalinder Samra

    Dr Shalinder Samra

    Dr Shalinder Samra is part of the DCH / IPPC Paediatric Academic Team providing input with Program content, Examination and Oral Assessment Task. Dr Samra is a General Paediatrician and Paediatric Emergency Specialist in Western Sydney. His interests include development and behavioural paediatrics as well as managing acute paediatric emergencies.


  • Dr Stephen George

    Dr Stephen George

    Dr Stephen George is a member of the DCH / IPPC Paediatric Academic Team and is involved in the examination and evaluation aspects of the program . Dr George also works at the Children’s Hospital, Westmead as a Hospitalist in Paediatric Emergency Medicine. His interests include Neonatology, innovative health management and Learning/Teaching methodologies.

  • Rita Gudinho

    Rita Gudinho is the Business Operations Manager. She oversees all operational activities of DCH|IPPC business and is a core part of the Senior Management Group providing advice and support with strategic development from an operational perspective and reporting all elements of the service deliverables of the programme to Participants in Australia and internationally.

  • Belinda Shephard

    Belinda Shephard is the Executive Administrator. She provides administration and organisational support to the DCH / IPPC Executive Principal,  facilitates communication with internal and external stakeholders, organises local and international meetings and travel arrangements and also project manages short programs provided by the Unit.

  • Ying Xu

    Ying Xu

    Ying Xu is the Assessment and Project Officer and has a key role in managing DCH/IPPC Assessment organisation, with a key focus on meeting the needs and communication of Examiners, Supervisors and key academic staff during the coordination of final examinations and oral assessment tasks nationally and internationally.

  • Angela Ostojiic

    Aleksandra Grasar

    Aleksandra Grasar is the Webcast, Assessment Support and Evaluation Officer and is part of the Operations Team responsible for maintenance of the DCH / IPPC program timetable, updating and formatting Webcast content and liaison with our Webcast Presenters and key IT and AV providers, Case Report Management and Complaint / Compliment / Feedback recording and reporting to support the Service environment of the DCH/IPPC.

  • Kevin Brown

    Kevin Brown is our Business Systems and Projects Officer responsible for Projects, IT and Finance at the DCH / IPPC Business unit which services Participants throughout Australia and internationally.

  • Radslav Ereg

    Radoslav Erceg

    Radoslav Erceg is the International Enrolments Officer and is part of the Operations Team responsible for international enrolments and program administration, with a focus on Participants and Tutors at our international sites; working closely to support the Service environment of the DCH / IPPC.

  • Matt Dundas

    Matt Dundas

    Matt Dundas is the Administration Officer and is part of the Operations Team responsible for Australian enrolments, weekly mail-outs of program material to international sites, and general administration working closely to support the Service environment of the DCH / IPPC.

  • Anisha Rana

    Anisha Rana

    Anisha Rana is an Administration Officer supporting the DCH / IPPC Operations Team.