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Presentation Ceremony Sydney Child Health Program (SCHP) 2019


Friday 2nd February 2019 saw the Presentation Ceremony of the Sydney Child Health Program successful participants for the Class of 2018 in Lorimer Dods Lecture Theatre at The Children’s Hospital Westmead.  Congratulations to all 2018 successful participants in Australia and International!

Dr David Lester-Smith, Acting Executive Principal, SCHP and Senior Staff-Specialist, Paediatrician began the evening with the ‘Acknowledgement of Country’ and welcomed guests, SCHP participants and their families.   Dr Glen Farrow, Director of Clinical Governance and Medical Administration, Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network and Prof Louise Baur, Professor and Head of Child & Adolescent Health, Faculty of Medicine & Health, University of Sydney both spoke of their experiences with our program and the effects of their learning on their careers.  The program holds a special place in their educational learning which has carried through their careers.

Dr Farrow and Dr Lester-Smith presented certificates to all excited participants!

We congratulated Dr Mark Elliman for securing the ‘First Place’ and receiving ‘The Commerford Prize’. It was great to see Mr and Mrs Commerford, our key stakeholders who have provided funding to support SCHP participants in Cambodia, Ethiopia, Malawi and Myanmar.

Photos were taken to mark the end of another very successful year for SCHP.  Please review link below of photos captured on the day.

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