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New Webcast Video Platform – NOW AVAILABLE

New Webcast Video Platform - NOW AVAILABLE

Further to our recent communication announcing enhanced functionality to our current Video Content Management System (VCMS), we are pleased to advise that we have now migrated to a new platform – PANOPTO.

Over the past year, DCH / IPPC has conducted a thorough review on enhanced webcast platforms and we are pleased to announce that Panopto is the new hosting provider for all DCH / IPPC program content. Panopto is a US based software company with global presence in the education sector. Their primary objective is to provide access to an online learning environment at the highest functional, performance and security level. By moving to the new platform that brings latest technology, we hope to further enrich your experience in completing the DCH / IPPC program

All program webcasts and webinars are now accessible via the new tab on our website called “Webcast Portal”. This tab is visible without signing in to our webpage, please follow the instructions provided to access all program content in the new platform.

The previous webpages “Program Webcast” and “Webinars” will continue to be listed in the old format, please note however that these will no longer be updated after 19th June 2017 and will be discontinued in due course.

We hope that these enhanced features to our video content will enrich your user experience and we welcome your feedback.