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New Webcast Video Platform

New Webcast Video Platform

To enhance your learning experience,  DCH/IPPC is moving to a new Video Content Management System (VCMS) over the next 3 – 5 weeks.  This will provide enhanced functionality over the current platform including:

  • Short segment presentations with embedded questions following each to reinforce your learning
    The new format will offer short segment presentations with questions and answers within each webcast, giving you an interactive self-assessment for the preceding segment.

  • The ability to speed up or slow down the video to suit you
    The possibility of Variable Speed Playback will allow many international Participants for whom English is not their first language to slow down the speed of the video to their comfort; as well it will provide time constrained viewers the option to increase the speed of video.

  • The ability to auto detect bandwidth to down/up tune video quality and better manage speed of transmission
    The automated streaming quality feature facilitates adjustment of the webcast video to each individual viewer’s available bandwidth. This feature will provide better connectivity (or “improve viewing”) to DCH / IPPC’s webcast when accessed from areas with slower internet speed.

  • Increased Search capability across all Webcasts on both slide content and within the video on spoken words.
    All webcast presentation slides are indexed automatically. All content is searchable throughout the entire webcast library including most spoken content through speech recognition. The highly enhanced search functionality reaches across the entire webcast library as well as within each individual webcast. This includes searches on any automatically indexed content, bookmarks and notes, as well as captions and additional metadata. .

  • Availability of personal bookmarks and notes so that you can annotate for later review
    The enhanced learning platform will allow each individual to set bookmarks while viewing the webcast and easily navigate back to any of these later. It will also provide the opportunity to take personal notes throughout the webcast, which are automatically indexed and searchable from the main webcast library or within the webcast itself.

The new system will be rolled out after current testing is completed.  You will soon receive an email notification that will guide you through your access to the new platform.
The old platform will still be there for an interim period but we will be encouraging all our users to move over to the new platform so that the old technology can be shut down in a reasonable time frame.