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Introduction to Practical Paediatrics: Simulation Workshop

The Simulation workshop was attended by current as well a few alumni of the Sydney Child Health Program. The simulation scenarios included R4kids (Resuscitation for Kids) incorporating COACHED approach, how to manage a choking child, management of a collapsed child, neonate with sepsis and how to manage a dehydrated child was very engaging and enriching experience. This was complemented with hands on experience on the day and by online modules as pre-reading resources. The group mixed very well among themselves and the SIM academic team. Our participants gained new skills in commination, closed loop communication, the importance of role allocation, handover in ISBAR format, teamwork and leadership skills. They had the opportunity to lead a team. We received excellent feedback requesting for more simulation workshops and scenario practice in future.

Here are some of the feedback from participants:

‘It was an amazing workshop. Leaning from SIM workshop will be helpful as I head into work in the community setting next year for GP training”

“Having the simulations focused on a community setting and the limitations within that was particularly helpful and rarely covered elsewhere, so more days like this would be great!”

“Importance of good communication and role allocation in management of crisis events.  This new learning allows me prepare better for managing critically unwell and deteriorating patients”

“Key areas of learning: - importance of clear allocation of roles from the start - understanding of what resources are available in each practice - closed loop communication”

"I feel I will be better prepared if a resus or a deteriorating child comes into my practice, and I feel more confident in taking the team leading role”

We, the SCHP would like to thank the Staff at SIM Centre, all the SCHP participants and alumni for attending and making the workshop a wonderful experience for all of us. We will continue to support learning of our participants and alumni.  Here is a group photo of all attendees and the facilitators.

Dr Narinder Kaur
SCHP Paediatric Academic Team Member