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About Us

Sydney Child Health Program (SCHP)

Our Vision..

Healthier Children Globally

Our Mission..

To empower healthcare professionals treating children and young people globally with best practice in paediatrics.

Our History

This program began at the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children (RAHC) in 1992 with 29 doctors who were hospital residents as well as local general practitioners. It was then co-awarded by the RAHC and the Postgraduate Committee in Medicine of the University of Sydney and known as the Diploma in Child Health (DCH).

Gradually the DCH expanded into the ACT in 1998 then to rural NSW, and subsequently to other states of Australia, following requests from GPs and other doctors wanting to enhance their knowledge, confidence and skills in caring for children and young people.

The international program began as the DCH (Syd) in Hong Kong in 2005 where the role of local paediatricians as tutors providing regional contextualisation emerged. This was the catalyst for broader establishment, especially to include developing countries. To date, a total of 9169 have successfully completed this program.

Interdisciplinary learning emerged in 2008, when the first nurse successfully completed this program. Since then 178 nurses from a variety of Australian and international locations have completed the International Postgraduate Paediatric Nurse Certificate.

The name International Postgraduate Paediatric Certificate (IPPC) was introduced in 2009 to distinguish it from programs with similar titles in India that resulted in specialist qualifications.

The IPPC program has expanded to include 25 countries as at 2017 largely through enthusiastic feedback from participants and alumni who tell their colleagues about the benefits of their paediatric learning.

In 2017, to comply with changes in the Higher Education sector, the program was renamed as the Sydney Child Health Program reflecting the origin of its supporting organisations, the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network and the University of Sydney. The program content remains unchanged and continues to support and educate children’s health professionals all over the world, based on best practice principles applied in those locations.

Where we deliver the Sydney Child Health Program

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SCHP covers best practice in paediatric care from newborns to adolescents with content provided and annually updated by subject matter experts from the Sydney Children's Hospitals Network. It provides practical, evidence based education to benefit the knowledge, confidence and skills of doctors and nurses who care for children and young people

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